Benefits Of Working From Home

While working at Telefonica UK, I had the possibility to work from home twice a week. I think it was the best benefit I had while working for a company so far. Not only for my work life balance, if not because it made me feel that the firm trusted in me.

Not all the corporations are ready for it as well as not everyone is willing for it since you need a lot of self-discipline to succeed. If you are the boss, you might want to be sure that people are doing their jobs properly. And employees probably are stick to their laptops and mobile phones just to prove that they are reliable.

I have always been responsible for my job. However, is true that sometimes at the office you can get distracted by talking to other people, going for long lunches, wasting more time because sometimes working 9 hours a day is way too much. Therefore, I think is more productive to work for objectives rather than for hours. It’s highly important to define goals and clear rules when WFH.

Benefits for the company
• Happy employees
• It cost less for your business
• You can hire the best, no matter where they are
• It will increase employee’s loyalty
• Will raise the reputation of your company
• Happy employees are the best word of mouth ever
• Reduces worker stress
• Is a good way to show how much you trust in your team

Benefits for the employee
• No need to waste any time commuting
• You are free to do as you please
• Flexibility will give them a reason to stay longer in the company
• Workers will want to show that they are responsible which means that they will probably work more than when they are in the office
• Life balance, especially if you live far away, if you are studying or if you just become a parent
• Best reward ever

WFH is the way of the future. If you are already doing it, you know what I am talking about. If you did not have the pleasure yet, I wish you will have it very soon!

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