How to Make a Successful Presentation

Here are some tips to help you build the most successful presentation ever.

1. Introduce yourself: Tell the audience who you are and what gives you credit to be in front of them making this presentation

2. Summary about the presentation: Explain what the presentation is about, how long it will take for and tell the audience to feel free to make questions during the presentation or at the end, depending on how comfortable you feel

3. Share the most important info of the brief:
o Problem/Need/Actual situation: Put things in perspective and context. It is highly important that everyone can understand what are you talking about
o Objective/Goal
o Talk about possible opportunities

4. Present the solution and the reason why you are convinced is the best way to proceed

5. Finish with a quote interesting enough to make the audience think about it

6. Q&A: Invite the audience to make questions and do not be nervous about it. Try to be well prepared. A role play could be a good way to be in the audience shoes to understand what they can ask for. Having examples of competitors or other brands could always be helpful.

Top Tips – “Less is more”

• Make the presentation short and concise

• Another important thing is the design. The White background is always right. Try to avoid animations. That make people distracted, and sometimes technology can fail.

• Make the audience interested all the time by making some jokes (proper ones!) and asking questions occasionally

• Use images and avoid to have too much text

That’s it. Break a leg!


*Special thanks to Agostina Mazzoleni for her tips on this subject 🙂

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