8 Fundamental Tips For Any Digital Strategy

The answer is very simple and is at your fingertips: build long-term relationships with your most active users. But how?

Here are 8 fundamental tips for any Digital Strategy

1. Establish an open, transparent, and honest dialogue

2. Talk to them often

3. Share news and info about your company constantly

4. Provide them with all the tools so they can help other people and especially when you have a crisis

5. Show interest. Ask them about their life events, studies, jobs, relationships, etc. Only by doing that you will be able to surprise them and to show interest

6. Be kind, be friendly, be there for them

7. Celebrate their goals and achievements in public and in private as well. Support is the best way to encourage users to keep creating content for your social channel

8. The tone of voice: This will, of course, depend on your company but my recommendation is that you should never forget that your customers are real people, with real feelings If you manage to implement these tips, then you will be ready to play as one team

To sum up, digital media is about co-creating and your customers are the best partners in crime for it!

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