6 Ideas To Inspire Your Content Creation

As we know content is king. Here are 5 games/topics that will always help you to get an active community. It will also give you the possibility to generate engagement and to promote relationships inside your social network channels.

1. True or False: You need to read the question that the previous user wrote, reply and make a new one. It is very simple and fun way to get to know each other and it takes a few seconds.

For example:

  • User 1: Do you like to travel?
  • User 2: True. Do you like to do the dishes?
  • User 3: False. Is blue your favourite colour?


2. Word Association: You should share the word that comes up to your mind when reading the previous answer. It is a very modest game but your users will love it!

  • User 1: Sky
  • User 2: Clouds
  • User 3: Rain
  • User 4: London ha!


3. Users in the spotlight: This is one of my favorites. Especially because it will let you create different topics. For instance:

1st Topic: Who wants to be interviewed?

2nd Topic: Leave your questions for @Pep

3er Topic: Vote how many and which answers should @Pep reply

4th Topic: Interviewing @Pep

5th Topic: A list of the links to all the interviews that you have in your community so far

This is also an amazing way to:

  • Give users the possibility to shine in the community
  • It will always bring funny comments, jokes and will help to improve the relationship within users
  • It is a good way to generate and to emphases engagement


4. Trivia: The community manager will post a question and users will try to get the right answers.

It is fantastic in terms of promoting activity, mainly they will ask for clues, they will debate with each other how easy/difficult the question is, they will reply, they will congratulate the winners and ask for more trivia!

Sometimes you can ask questions related to the users. They love to see their names on the wall!

For instance:


  • How many post have been created in the community since the 1st of January till the 1st of July of 2016?
  • Who is the user that has read more posts in the last 6 months?
  • How many Pokemon did I catch last week?!


5. Off Topic

This thread is a must in each community. Is where people will stop by to say hi and to share the big things that are happening in their life. Is like a chat in a bar but online.


6. Debate

This is a tricky one and it has both, pros and cons. You might need to be very careful when starting a debate. You do not want people who make it too personal. Avoid to talk about religion, politics, etc. You want to have a productive conversation. Therefore it is very important to clarify the terms and condition to participate such as respect, education, empathy and a positive tone of voice.


Have you ever tried to implement one of these games? Or do you have other ones to share? Please leave your message in the box below.


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