The Importance of Q&As in Social Media

Social Q&As

I can imagine that you have heard about Q&As several times. But have you thought to include this tool in your strategy, roadmap and content calendar?


Tips on How to Successfully Organise a Social Q&As

  • Write a post and invite everyone to participate. Promote the activity everywhere. Signpost is always a must!

– When to answer?

  • In social media channels, people wants to have the answer straight away. Therefore my recommendation is to set a specific day and time to be able to answer instantly in terms of having a Live Q&A
  • For forums: you want the conversation to last as long as possible. As much questions, as much content. So the best thing would be to reply once a day or a week depending on how many questions you have received

– Do it as often as necessary but do not abuse: This should be your ace under the sleeve. Use it in a smart and strategic way

– Do not be scared of questions: You will be asked about everything and anything, even things like who is best, Messi or Ronaldo?! (Of course Messi!)

– Share a report internally with results, insights, and outcomes: this could be helpful for all the areas in the company

– Invite other areas to participate in the Q&As. This could be a strategic move for two reasons:

  1. To get different and more specific questions in each session 
  2. To encourage your colleagues to spend time in the community with the aim to experience how important and powerful digital media could be


When to Host a Session

  1.  Release a new product
  2. Try to revert the image of the company
  3. Want to give the community the possibility to interact with real people
  4. The interaction is low
  5. You have a crisis


Possible Outcomes

  • Open a transparent and honest dialogue with your audience
  • Get people involved with the brand
  • Improve brand’s perception by being transparent and ready to discuss sensitive topics
  • Great way to get feedback


Do you have any other top tips to share? Do it below!



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