How to Deal with Negative Comments

Discussions around your brand will happen either if you decide to have a presence on social media or not. You have two options then:

  • Keep pretending that nothing happens; or
  • Take action by getting involve in the conversations


I always recommend the second option (obviously!) mainly because it will:

  1. Give you the tools to improve your product or to create a new one
  2. Let you get insights from the audience
  3. Establish a one-to-one or one-to-many relationship with clients and prospect clients
  4. Help the brand to be perceived as humble, human and transparent
  5. Start or participate in an open conversation with people. It is quite easy to deal with positive comments: we add them into our reports and everyone is happy! Whereas with negative comments we get stuck and we do not know how to react or handle it. This blog article is about that.



How to Deal with Negative Comments 

First, never delete a negative comment. It could use it against. Even more, people will get upset and you will be seen as a dictator to say it in a way! These type of actions makes people even angrier. You can cause a big crisis by limiting people to express their opinions. Trust me, you do not want that. Digital is about people as wells as dialogue, expression, and freedom

Second, try to understand the origination of the message. Make yourself the following questions:

  • Is this the first time it contacts the company?
  • How is the situation of the client/customer?
  • What can we do to simplify the issue?
  • How can we revert the situation and perception?


Third, make it simple and fast: Try to avoid multiple messages.  For example: if you already have it contact details, do not ask for those again. The person is upset and will probably complain about everything. For this kind of situation, I recommend two things:

  • Try to be in your client’s shoes
  • Act like a phycologist!


Fourth, let followers reply to negative comments by sharing their experiences. Nothing is more powerful and effective than peer-to-peer recommendations


The most amazing outcome would be to turn this situation into a good one by helping and educating users from the community. However, the only way to doing it is by focusing on user experience and be committed to it.

The world is moving fast and so as people. Only by interacting with your audience you will reinvent yourself.

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