Verified Answers: A Powerful Forum Feature

Verify Answers is the solutions to a question. f you see this icon check icon.pngit means that the answer given is, not only correct, is the best you could receive!

How does it work?

  • Someone ask a question or share a statement of a problem
  • Another user/s replies with a solution based on it previous experience or knowledge


Why are verify answers important?

  • They help people to solve their issues
  • Animate users to contribute to the community: as much as you help as many points you will earn and more visibility you will get
  • It is a good way to increase the band of users in terms of payback
  • Call deflection
  • Encourage peers-to-peers’ collaboration. This is a very important point: the credibility is much higher when the answer comes from a peer

Who can Verify Answers?

Ideally, the person who raised the question. But also:

  • Community Manager or Admin one week after the question was ask
  • Helper

Other users can not accept the solution. However, they can give thumbs up to the user/s which is another way to be high up in the ranking. If the user receives 5 thumbs up or more then the answer will become an accepted solution

What happen when more than one answers are correct?

The user or the Community Manager can choose one or more

What happened when the answer is not correct?

You can:

  • Encourage other people to reply
  • Share the correct answer with some of the users and give them the possibility to reply
  • If the problem can not get solved, you can write a PM in public asking for user’s details to share the case with the Customer Service area. It would be good to give priority to the members of the community

How to encourage the community to write better and more complete answers?

You as a Community Manager can help people to improve the quality of the answers by:

  • Share specific information
  • Inspire them by showing examples of good answers
  • Congratulate them in both, public and private
  • Show the importance of getting as many verify answers as possible in terms of payback


As I was mentioning in my previous blog, community education it is highly important. Verify Answers are a good example of it. What do you think?!


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