Differences between Facebook and Instagram

Even though they belong to the same group they have different attributes. Here is a guide with 5 of the most important aspects of each social site.


  1. Massive audience + segmentation = Best solution for media “fragmentation”

  1. Prime time is now on Facebook: Everyone is on Facebook following families, friends, and brands

  1. Good now that consumers shift to mobile

  1. Possibility to access to data and results live

  1. Self-service platform and Measurement solutions: Which gives you the possibility to taste your campaigns and make changes as you go


  1. Is where people are actively seeking entertaining inspiration

  2. The right place for creativity and for people who speaks a visual language

  3. People will mostly follow individuals that they do not know

  4. Where the Influencers/gurus are

  5. An ideal platform to reach young people

Advertise in these social networks will help your brand to

  • Become more visible

  • Engage with your audience

  • Get higher revenue



  • Choose when and how often people see ads

  • Target individuals that are more likely to re-engage with your brand across devices

  • Flexible: start/end time & to set the order of your ads

  • Learn about performance and make change if necessary


For more information and examples you can visit:


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