10 Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Advertising On Facebook

10 Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Advertising On Facebook

1. It is amazing in terms of segmentation

2. Gives you the possibility to reach a  massive audience

3. It is the best solution to get visibility even with media fragmentation

4. On Facebook is always prime time

5. Self-serve & easy to use

6. User-friendly in both, desktop & mobile 

7. Let you access to data and results 

8. It works for B2C and B2B as well mainly because everyone is checking Facebook 24/7 to see what is going on with their families and friends 

9. Possibility to test, change the campaign as you go and learn from your mistakes

10. Loads of different options depending on your needs

Facebook ads  

Facebook provide us with quite a few different options when it comes to ads. There is a solution for every need. 

Here is a list with some of my favorites options: 

Carousel:  Allows you to showcase multiple products within a single advert unit or tell a story that develops across each carousel card. Adverts in the Carousel format are interactive and do not cost any more than single image or video adverts. It is a good option especially for e-commerce and retail

Dynamic Product adverts: You can promote relevant products to people who have browsed your website or mobile app. Single or multi-product. Keep their products top of mind with people who have already shown an interest

Pixel: To track user’s actions. This tool tracks activity on desktop and mobile websites. Is a great investment in a short, medium and long term. It allows you to measure, optimise and build audiences for ad campaigns

Local Awareness Advert: With a Local Awareness advert, you can reach people in the area around your business. It’s the easiest way to reach your audience and help them keep your business in mind

Offer Claim Adverts: With an Offer Claim, you can offer customer discounts and other special deals. You decide how long your offer runs for, who sees it, how many people can claim it and more. Fan page and also to other audiences

Video Views: To engage the audience with the brand. However, if you do not have enough money to produce a video, you can use Slideshow adverts: to deliver the same impact and effectiveness of videos but using images (between 3 and 7). It is a good way to reach people with 2G connections and to save some money due to video production

Canvas: Is an immersive mobile experience on Facebook for businesses to tell their stories and showcase your products

App Install and Engagement adverts: With these two options, you can find the right people who want to install or help you to improve your app. You will be able to measure results, get insights, make improvements, etc.

Leads adverts: Facebook’s lead adverts provide people with a quick and privacy-safe way to sign up to receive information from businesses, such as newsletters, offers, and quotes. With lead adverts, you can direct people from adverts to a native form experience that is pre-populated with contact information, such as email addresses, and quickly follow up on your leads

You can see more options here.


Top tips

  • It is very impressive how efficient it could be to choose and mix more than one solution at the time
  • Try to think in the short, medium and long term when implementing a campaign


Have you ever tried one of these solutions? Share your experience with the world below!

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Advertising On Facebook

  1. I have a fundamental problem with monetizing and commercializing social networks. If it is a side option that participants can toggle to, I am okay with that. If you think of a real-life social networking situation, it is, for me, bad form to have overbearing reference to commerce inundate social situations to the point where you feel like you are in a commercial. I am pretty much talking about not-for-profit events that are sponsored.
    When an a social gathering is sponsored by one or more enterprises, I think a small unobtrusive commercial presence and a brief, grateful acknowledgement at the beginning and end of the gathering is fine.
    The intrusion of self-vested commercial ventures into social media just seems wrong to me.
    Sorry, I won’t be buying into one of your “solutions”.

  2. Hi lirva11,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    I totally agree with you: advertising should not be intrusive. However, I do consider that Facebook and Instagram are handling ads in a good way.

    For example: you can choose WHEN and HOW often people see your ads. Which means that you can set up certain impressions per person every X period of time.

    As an advertiser, you are in control. You can analyse the campaign and see the impact you are having. Reaching your audience more than necessary will make you lose money. No one wants that and therefore you will be more conscious about people’s reaction. In this sense, social ads are more powerful, effective and beneficial than traditional media.


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