Digital Etiquette: To Block or Not to Block?

shutterstock_316115879In my previous article, I was talking about Community Education and how this can help to change bad behaviors into good ones. Sometimes it is worth giving second chances. But on other occasions, it will not make any difference and that is what this blog post is about:  when to block or ban users.

Guide to understanding when it is necessary to block users

1. Detailed analysis: First of all I check if it is a legitimate user or spam. If it is the first option, then I try to understand the context and the reason why this user is not following the rules. On the other hand, if it is spam I block the user straight away

2. Public and private approach:  I normally write a public message asking the person to calm down, show respect and ask what the issue is and how we can help

3. Continue PM approach as a way of giving a warning and remind them about the terms and conditions of the community. Then I explain how things work within the social channel and put special emphasis on the values of the community such as respect and positivity

4. Follow-up on the situation: I pay special attention to the behavior in the following hours, days and weeks (whatever is necessary)

5. Next steps: If the person changes their conducts in a positive way, I congratulate them publicly and privately. However, if the behavior remains negative I block or ban the user. But first I will send a PM notifying the reason for my decision

Sometimes you might feel that this process is useless because some users will not change their attitudes. However, following these steps can help you to modify certain behaviors.

This happened to me not long ago. One of the users of the community was very angered due to some issues concerning portability. Even though he was right, the problem was the tone of voice he used and how disrespectful he was to other peers. I could not tolerate the behavior and therefore I followed these steps which enable me to give him another opportunity. I was not sure if this would work mainly because the user was extremely irate. However, it worked. Nowadays, he is very active in the community. The result was better than expected it!

What do you think about this guide? I would love to hear your thoughts!



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