The Importance Of Community Education

shutterstock_328474520 Here are 10 reasons why educating your community will bring positive consequences for the brand.

#1. A community run by peers will help to maintain a healthy environment by reinforcing mutually respectful values including expectation of behaviour

#2. Everyone will have a 2nd and 3rd chance to improve

#3. Members are going to learn from their mistakes and share their experiences

#4.  Users are going to feel that the community belongs to them

#5. They will fight and expect a certain attitude from other members towards the community

#6. Users will help and collaborate in educating other people and in generating content

#7. Members are going to report disrespectful content

#8. Most active users will work with the CM as one team

#9. Super users will become brand ambassadors which mean loyal customers

#10. Therefore they will spread the word and invite friends, colleagues, and family to join

Sounds like a win-win situation to me! It might take more time and effort but all the points mentioned before are worth it. What do you reckon? Leave your comment below.

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