How To Encourage Your Community To Create Great Content


Would you like to invite your users to collaborate with the content creation? Follow these 6 steps and you will see great results.

#1. Ask your users to collaborate with the brand

  • Decide the strategy for the year and the roadmap

  • Identify the most active users

  • Analyse what they like

  • Create a profile document with important information such as: who they are, what their interest are, what they like and dislike, behaviour, etc.

  • Define the content calendar and “assign tasks”

  • Try to collect relevant information to share with users

  • PM the super users and invite them to collaborate with the brand

  • Congratulate them once the piece of content is ready and guarantee the proper signposting

#2. Work as one team with users

  • Identify in which projects your users can get involved

  • Define a plan: set up the objectives, establish a deadline and be aware of the value that users can add to the project

  • Invite users to participate

  • Listen carefully and attempt to incorporate the comments of users as much as possible. This exercise can be seen as an online focus group

#3. Give super users a voice

  • Let them talk on behalf of your company. Let them announce the big improvements of the company in the community

  • For the community, this will be positive in terms of improving brand perception, credibility, and values of the company

  • This is going to be priceless for the user. A unique opportunity. A minute of fame!

#4. Promote UGC

There are loads of ways to support UGC (link):

  • Include the guides in your PMs

  • Create threads & posts to advertise the content. It is a must to mention and congratulate users. Everyone likes public recognition!

  • Share the links internally. Promote your social channel by giving other areas the possibility to access the content

#5. Use and abuse

Share the content everywhere:

#6. Reward your users

  • Distribute company merchandise to users. These gifts may be something simple such as a mug or something more unique to the customer, which would highlight how valued they are as a user

  • Payback system


Do you have any other ways to encourage users?! If so, share them below!

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