Digital Etiquette: 8 Do’s For A Positive Experience

Here are 8 do’s and tactics that I learnt in the last 5 years working as a Social Media Manager & Strategist at Cablevision Argentina and as a Head of Community at Telefonica UK.

1. Be honest. Be transparent. Be open. You want loyalty, commitment and to build long-term relationships? Then treat your audience with the same care as you would do in real life.

2. Get to know your customers. Talk to them on a daily basis. Find out what their interests are, what they like and why. Listen to them. They will probably have interesting things to say around your brand or product. The outcome from these interactions will help your company to improve your product and services.

3. Educate instead of moderate. It is highly important to talk to users and let them understand what they are doing correctly and how they can improve. By educating your community you will create a healthy environment with great content. It is also the best way for companies to work together with customers as one team. Do you want to know more about this point? Check Differences Between Community Moderation & Education.

4. Be Generous and give credit to the community. Promote good actions, good answers, good tutorials and good UGC. The community would not exist without your followers. Treat users with respect and celebrate every little thing they do for the brand.

5. Invite your most active users to help. If you provide them with the right tools and information, they will be able to talk in behalf of your company. There is nothing more powerful than peer-to-peer conversations!

6. Assume that not all of your audience likes your brand. Do not dare to delete comments. Social networks are like countries in themselves. If you decide to delete, edit or moderate posts the outcome is going to be perceived as ‘lack of democracy’. Let them talk about good and bad experiences which will promote conversations within the community. As mentioned before, if you educate the community, users will be well prepared and happy to help you change bad experiences into good ones.

7. Make users feel unique. Avoid massive DM’s. Instead, try to have one-to-one conversations with your users.

8. Promote feedback and suggestions. Your followers will probably know the product better than you. Give them the possibility to share ideas. You will probably have loads of requirements and maybe not all of them are 100% necessary or relevant. However, no matter what, you should always reply to the user and tell them how much the company appreciates the suggestions. If you can implement some of the ideas, then you should attribute this improvement to the user straight away in a private and public environment.

Any examples you want to share? Please leave your message below!



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