Reasons Why Having A Forum Will Bring Positive Results To Your Company

I have been meeting clients and prospects for quite a long time, and I have found myself lost every time I was trying to explain what a forum is and why it is important for companies. At the beginning, I used the main definition, which is “a discussion area on a Website”. However, I thought to myself that this explanation was not good enough. In fact, it was a huge understatement. Forums are more than that. They are social channels per se. And if you consider having a community you will enjoy loads of advantages.

9 advantages about Forums

  • SEO for free!: As customers discuss your offerings, they are generating, for free, fresh content that is rich in keywords and is attractive to search engines

  • UGC: Is the community the ones that create the content instead of the company. And your clients content will be your #content!

  • Build long-terms relationships: If you post regularly and actively discuss different topics with your forum members then gradually you’ll get to know them and more importantly they’ll get to know you. People are much more likely to buy a product or service when someone they know sells or recommends it

  • Increase profits: Forums are great for increasing your traffic and increasing the profits you make on your website

  • Call deflection: Customers can answer one question and solve problems

  • History: If you or a customer answers someone’s question — especially with a detailed response — this information can be referenced in the future, so you do not have to recreate it every time someone ask the same question

  • Advocacy: By having an online community, customers are encouraged to visit your website more often, and then they tell others about it

  • Marketing Research & Insights: Customers will typically and freely share ideas on how you could improve your offerings, market them better, and reach new prospects, which means to get insights

  • Use the Forum as a component of a global company Learning Strategy to promote Social Learning for a better impact in the learning process (Thanks @Baptista Borrell for sharing your idea!)

Here are some examples of forums

 TripAdvisor (One of the most famous forums in the world and you probably didn’t know it was a forum!)

– Sephora 

– Apple

– GiffGaff

– Adobe

There are any other forums that you like? Feel free to share the links below!

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