Business Integration

Benefits of Business Integration from a community perspective

Business Integration means the combination, automation and optimisation of key business processes that extend outside the four walls of a company’s organisation.

Why is this important from a community perspective?

We need to ensure that the Community is fully integrated with the business. This is important in terms of:

  • Maximising efforts

  • Becoming a part of the strategy

  • Improving user experience

  • Value driven

What is the position of the community within the company?

The forum needs to be well integrated with other areas to be successful. But it is not easy to make everyone aware and part of the forum.


How do you integrate the community in the business?

  1. Build a truthful relationship with your internal/external clients

  2. Share results, reports and insights with other areas. And try to develop a simple language, make it short and straight to the point. Build your own analysis tools and make comparisons

  3. Understand the role each area plays in making a community successful. Try to explain and show examples about how they can contribute to it

  4. Become a Digital evangelist. Use your expertise to train and educate other people in the company

Businesses need to be digital or social at multiple touch points, internally and externally. The key is to look for areas within the organisation where our services can bring new opportunities for growth, collaboration, and direct consumer connections.

How a forum can help to build brand awareness

  • Help companies to work as partners with customers

  • Teach clients about the importance of listening to the clients

  • We can encourage people to look after and collaborate with brands

  • Gives customers the possibility to have their own space and build it in the way they want

  • Change the perception of the brand into a “lovemark

How the company can take advantage from the forum?

  • Providing an Internal forum: We can offer an internal forum to help the team to stay connected and also to get more familiar with the platform and our services

  • Customer Service: Customers can answer one another’s questions. This will reduce you support costs

  • Credibility: If you or a customer answers someone’s question this information can be referenced in the future for other users & areas

  • Content team: As customers discuss your offerings, they are generating, for free, fresh content that is rich in keywords and is attractive to search engines

  • Advocacy: By having an online community, customers are encouraged to visit your website more often, and then they tell others about it

  • Marketing & Product Development: Customers will typically and freely share ideas on how you could improve your offerings, market them better, and reach leads


  • It is good way to generate synergy and feedback within channels

  • It is important to change the brand perception

  • It is vital to improve users’ experience with the brand

  • It is a way to show that the company is capable of empathising, communicating together with customers

  • Business Integration = Communication


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