Differences Between Community Moderation & Education

Sometimes when I talk about Community Management people immediately think that is an operative task. However, the role of a CM is highly important for a company because they are having one-to-one conversation with customers and prospective clients.

Community Management can be handle in 2 different ways: either you moderate or you educate. Both of them are right. And you need to choose one method that aligns with your strategy.



Differences between Moderation versus Education


  • They read & answer posts, make reports and solve problems on a daily basis
  • Report on community trends and problems
  • Clean up spam and content that goes against the guidelines
  • Mediates disputes among members
  • Operational work
  • Follow the rules that have been already created by someone else


  • Build long-term relationships and encourage users to generate content
  • Drive engagement
  • Set up guidelines and make the rules
  • Analyse, build reports and get insights from the community
  • Strategic view/approach
  • It is a promoter of the community inside and outside the company

After this analysis, I decided to create a poll on my Twitter account with the aim to understand how Community Managers handle their communities. The result was surprisingly good: 73% said that they choose to educate rather than moderate.


Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.02.55


This means that not only Community Management but also other areas in a company are moving forward. Education is key to success. Only by educating our community we will build up an environment where customers and companies are working together as a team.


Which method would you prefer or apply at the moment? Leave your comment on the box below!

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