Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach

Sometimes, the biggest challenge for a digital media department is the stakeholders. For the reason that it is the only area that we as a company cannot control because belongs to the people. . Digital is about people. This is the era of “people power” mainly because they have been moved from a passive position into an active one.

It is highly important to become a Digital Evangelist as the best way to educate and advocate about digital and your daily job. Here are some tips to help you to promote the online department along the company and with stakeholders:

– Outline the objectives for the presentation

– Define the audience. This will help you to speak the same language as them

– Set up a strategy for the presentation and try to tell a story

– Make things easy for spectators: Use only the metrics that are relevant to aim your goals. Try to avoid technical words

– Add description of all the metrics you want to show. Display numbers and results. Everybody loves numbers!

– Do comparisons. It is a good strategy to help people to understand the context and the results

– Engage your audience: Ask questions to understand how they feel about online as a part of the strategy of the company

– Show examples from other brands

– Top Tip: show them how the online department is not competing against other areas within the company. It is the other way round: it can be useful for all departments along the company. For example: If you are having a meeting with the Customer Service department, show them how your area helped the company to reduce the call deflection. Or share all the insights from your community with Marketing, advertising and Marketing Research areas.

Do this and do it often. Listen to your audience should be an important part of the strategy.

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