How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic for B2B & B2C Companies

In my previous blog I have mentioned  the most popular Social Networks, whereas in this article I would like to go through all of them more deeply. I will also give some top tips & ideas that might be helpful for B2B and B2C as well.  
Twitter It’s a platform wherein users share their thoughts, news, information and jokes in 140 characters of text or less
Special Terms
  • Tweet: A 140-character message
  • Retweet (RT):Re-sharing or giving credit to someone else’s tweet
  • Feed: The stream of tweets you see on your
  • Handle:Your username
  • Mention (@): A way to reference another user by his username in a tweet (e.g. @CaratEnterprise) Users are notified when @mentioned
  • Direct Message (DM):A private 140-character message between two people
  • Hashtag (#): A way to denote a topic of conversation or participate in a larger linked discussion. Allows others to find your tweets, based on topics #Obama
Top Tip | It’s important to think about why people are following or talking to you, be authentic and true to your values and you’ll quickly become a valuable member of the Twitter community
What to do on Twitter?
  • Follow others on Twitter and several times a day tweet the blog posts you write, your lead generating offers, and other peoples’ content
  • Ask employees to tweet your content
  • Grow blog subscribers. Create a dedicated landing page just for signing up blog subscribers, and use Twitter to publicize the landing page
  • Generate leads on Twitter. Not only can you craft tweets with your lead generating offers and links to landing pages, but you can also customize your Twitter background with calls-to-action, and even monitor for competitive and industry search terms to find prospects that are looking for your solution in real time
  • Host a Twitter chat (virtual meetings). That help us generate leads, grow our reach, interact with our community, and expand our thought leadership
  • Solve customer service issues in real time
  • Use hashtags to generate buzz
LinkedIn is ‘the’ social platform for the business world.  You can use this valuable platform to grow your sales opportunities and ultimately, if used well – grow your business. Has grown to 225 million members in over 200 countries, making it the world’s largest professional network on the Internet
LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter
Two types of presence on LinkedIn a personal profile page and if you run a company, you can also have a company page, which will be your corporate face
Mobile: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Palm devices
Applications allow users to customize their profiles and share content in different ways (WordPress, SlideShare).
LinkedIn owns Slideshare, which is basically the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. I must confess that Slideshare is one of my favourites!
What to do on LinkedIn?
  • Share your presentation slides. You already have great content living in your various slide decks and you don’t have time to create new lead gent content
  • Promote new content with company status updates. Is a simple way to broadcast your latest and greatest content
  • Highlight your products/services to a targeted audience. You can adjust your messaging and value proposition for each audience, then target based on information like company size, industry, geographic location, job function, and seniority level
  • Generate leads on your products/services tab creating clickable banners or create a banner that promotes your next event, or you could even work on generating more subscribers for your blog
  • Your people, your talent: Is a great place to showcase the people that make up your business, this can assist in showing a human side of the company + is a perfect place to promote your team’s range of talents and skill sets to prospective clients
  • Recruitment and vacancies
  • Email your LinkedIn Group members to promote your latest marketing initiative (once a week)
  • Conduct market research using LinkedIn polls. Did you know that LinkedIn has a polling feature? They do, and the best part of it is, it’s so insanely simple to use
  • Credibility and authority
  • Keep your blog fed using LinkedIn Answers. You can promote your own content when answering others’ questions, use the questions people commonly ask as topic fodder for your own blog, and even identify guest bloggers who can do some writing for us
  • Get more visibility for your blog with an RSS feed.  Use this to drive traffic back to your blog from LinkedIn!
  • Google finds LinkedIn company pages. Google will rank LinkedIn company pages in its search results so there is another opportunity to be found when prospects are searching online
Founded in 2005 has since become the go-to medium for uploading footage on the web. More than one hour of video is uploaded to the site every second
Why YouTube?
  • 75% of executives watch work-related videos each week
  • Studies show that people who have seen a video are more likely to convert to a lead
  • A dynamic video can explain these much more efficiently and in a more captivating way than a long text-filled web page
  • You will have the opportunity to increase awareness and preference, demonstrate products, share knowledge, and put a likeable, human face on their company, but it takes a sound strategy in order to do this
  • YouTube Improves a brand’s SEO and natural search rankings (attract 300% more traffic than a plain-text article)
YouTube doesn’t always get a lot of airtime in social media marketing discussions, perhaps because not all marketers are equipped with the ability to easily create high quality videos or perhaps because you feel like you have nothing to create. But here are some ideas that might help you:
  • Create how-to videos / tutorials
  • Publish case studies
  • Take product tours more engaging, more simply, more visibility
  • Optimize your YouTube videos for search creating call-to-action
Google+ is a social networking owned and operated by Google Inc. It is the second-largest SN in the world with 359 million active users. The audience is predominantly male (63%), primarily in the United States, a tech savvy audience
  • It’s relevant for business
  • It’s getting bigger it grew in terms of active usage by 27 per cent to 343 million users
  • It’s Circletastic. Circles allow you to categorise customers and prospects into multiple segments, allowing for more personalised, relevant and intimate conversations and users can circle your company page
  • It’s super friendly on organic search. If you post articles on the platform your content will be ranked higher that content-posted elsewhere. Also your posts will rank higher in search results
  • Live stream a Hangout! You can easily hang out with up to 9 people using the video function and you can live stream the hangout for the entire world to see. You can include: announcements, webinars, discussions or interviews, virtual conferences, live streaming in-person events, user groups, and Q&A sessions
Is an online pin board, a visual take on the social bookmarking site, content shared on Pinterest is driven entirely by visuals. In fact, you can’t share something on
Pinterest unless an image is involved
80% of the users are women and one in five women are on it, they’re in a buying mood and they’re browsing for the next “it” item and they talk to each other
What you can do?
  • Pin pictures of your product. Yes, even if your product is “boring
  • Pin infographics, data, and charts
  • Drive traffic to your website. With each pin, you have the ability to also post a link back to your website
  • Generate leads from pins. You can generate leads from Pinterest! When choosing the link to associate with each pin, consider choosing a relevant landing page instead of just any web page
A blog is a type of website that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent ‘post’ (or entry) at the top of the main page to the older entries towards the bottom
Blogs + B2B Market
  • Add value for prospects and customers. Blog posts that include how-to information or provide insightful opinions about your industry serve your audience, create goodwill for your company, and move you away from just selling
  • Create credibility for your business. If your blog posts are well-written, well-researched, documented and informative, you will gain credibility in your industry and from customers and prospects
  • Keep content on your website fresh and dynamic. Search engines rank website content in part based on how current and new the content is
  • Engage with customers, prospects, partners. Engagement increases customer intimacy
  • Position you as a thought leader. Once you commit to blogging, you will be forced to find great topics to write about. By writing about trending topics, you are in touch with the pulse of your industry
  • Immediately reach your target audiences. Your blog is a way to respond immediately to issues about your or a competitor’s products or services or important happenings in your community or industry
  • Crowd source market research. You can use your blog and social media to get feedback and opinions (instead of Marketing Research)
  • Publish information cost-effectively. Blogs are designed for the non-graphic designer, non-programmer to quickly get content published online
  • Increase content creation for your company. Today shareable content is king. A blog can be the impetus to create marketing content that can be re-purposed into videos, presentations, eBooks, whitepapers and more
  • Improve performance on search engine results. By blogging about your products and services with the right keywords and phrases in your headlines, image alt tags, blog post URLs, and page content, you can increase your ability to show up high when someone searches for the same terms
  • Increase inbound links to your site. When you blog and your audience shares your content by linking to it, you increase quality links to your website. The key here is that these are genuine links – not artificial links that some SEO companies contrived to trick the search engines
  • Increase “shareability” of your marketing messages. Blogs are designed to allow readers to comment and to share posts on SN. This facilitates word of mouth marketing and expands your marketing reach



Do you have any exciting examples to share? Do it on the comment box below.

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