Digital Glossary Of Terms

Digital Glossary Of Terms

The following glossary of terms purpose is to explain the terms used in my blog articles when talking about digital.

SM | Social Media

UGC | User Generated Content

DP | Digital Privacy

DE | Digital Education

Digital Evangelist | When someone builds relationships, creates a community, and spreads the good word about a particular mission, brand or product. Definition by , VP of Marketing at Porch

Lovemarks | Is a marketing concept written by Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, which is intended to replace the idea of brands

SOLOMO | Social, Local, Mobile

Community Manager or CM | They are responsible for building, growing, and managing online communities around a brand or cause. Is often the humanising face of the brand in the digital space and the internal advocate for customers

DM’s | Direct Messages

Content Calendar | A content calendar is a shareable resource to plan all content activity, helping everyone to see what is coming up and therefore to plan well in advance, organise your team, tasks and track your progress

Knowledge Base | Is the FAX of the company services and products in the forum. It could allow users to get involved by helping keep it update or edit the articles. Definition by Gabriela Passan

Payback | Is a reward system that rewards users for being active in the forum. It is a good way to make they feel appreciated and to motivated them to keep helping in the forum. Definition by Gabriela Passan

PM | Private Message

B2C | Business to Consumer – The final customer is the consumer with a B2C business

B2C | Business to Business – The products and services of the business are marketed to other businesses

Social Q&As| Is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word for questions and answers.

WFH| Working From Home


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