5 Steps to Create a Social Media Plan

5 steps you need to follow to build a Social Plan

Step 1 | Spell out your business…

  • Business Mission, Vision, History and Revenue Model

  • Descriptions of your Products & Services

  • Details of Your Target Audience

  • Review of Your Current Marketing Efforts

Then, ask yourself these questions: Have you recently launched a new product or service? Is your target on social media? Is your company ready to embrace the digital era? Have your recent marketing efforts produced under-welcoming results?

Step 2 | Define Your Specific Social Media Goals

It is impossible to reach and attain a goal without defining specific, actionable, and (most importantly) reasonable SMM goals. Here are some specific SMM goals you might use after completing your business review:

  • Validate a new product or service using social as a research platform

  • Develop buzz and interest around a new product

  • Engage users in social to generate relevant and targeted traffic to your site

  • Gain market share by leading customer/client service through social

  • Generate registrations to branded events through social

Step 3 | Find Your SMM Voice

One of the keys to ensuring your success in social is to create and implement a voice that resonates with your specific target audience. For each audience type, break down and research  the key demographics such as age, income, location, and reasons for possibly buying your products/services.

Step 4 |Choosing Your Social Tools Appropriately

There are quite a few diverse social channels with different targets and usability. Please visit my previous blog article about Social Media Overview to find a list of the most popular social networks.

Step 5 | Plan & Execute Content

Probably the hardest part of the plan is to find, create and deliver social media content. Execution can be daunting, but with a proper plan it is doable and can drive real (marketing) results and you will engage your audience.

What you need to define:

  • Frequency of content delivery & response to social engagement

  • Types and specific topics for content creation

  • Ways to increase audience engagement

  • Events that can drive social

  • Your social success metrics (number of followers, number of fans, volume of traffic back to site, number of RT’s, etc.). Social Media Tools are a must

And voilà! Your plan is ready to be implemented.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask 🙂

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