User Generated Content

Why User Generated Content (UGC) Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To Your Company

UGC is content created and uploaded to the Internet by non-media professionals or users. Let’s put it down in our own words: having your followers or customers creating content on behalf of your company and only because they like your brand. How amazing and powerful that could be?

 5 Reasons Why UGC Is A Must For Your Company

UGC will:

  1. Add more value and will give more credibility to your brand based on the fact that users or peers are the ones generating the content

  1. Help you to engage the community as they feel they are a part of a larger team partnership

  1. Support you in terms of SEO based on genuine, organic and relevant content because your clients are using their own words and sharing their own genuine experiences

  1. Be helpful to encourage and promote long-term relationships with your customers

  1. Help you understand and be aware of insights and the perception around your products, services and brand

It’s important to remember, however, that UGC has to be a two way street. Creating genuine longevity in relationships with your customers means that there has to be rewards for them, too. Additionally, it should be a straightforward, hassle-free process.

5 Ways To Reward Your Followers

  1. With private and public recognition: This is an amazing way to show how much you appreciate all the effort they put regarding your brand as well as a good way to educate and encourage other users to do the same

  1. Replace the company’s content for the one that was generated for your community and share it with the world

  1. Make users a part of the company’s strategy by integrating and providing them with information, tools and news about future implementations or launchings of the brand. Make them partners: Invite them to your offices, spend time with them and listen to their ideas and suggestions about your brand. In a way, these users are advocates for your brand, they’ll help you to find insights as they are a representative sample in terms of marketing research

  1. Improve your products and services based on the ideas and suggestions provided by users. Nothing can be more powerful and gratifying for them than seeing real actions

  1. Implement a payback system as a way to reward your community. This will always be a good idea as long as the reward is perceived as fair, clear, consistent, proportional and transparent

Are you already implementing all or some of the actions we listed above? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments box below!

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